CJ Connolly

Our Expertise


Misappropriation of Assets

  • Embezzlement
  • Theft
  • Financial fraud

Financial Reporting Misstatements and Fraud

  • Revenue Recognition
  • Misreporting of Assets & Liabilities
  • Reserve Manipulation
  • Key Omissions

Complex Business Disputes

Purchase Price and Other Transaction Disputes – Issues Involving M&A, Spin-offs, and Other Deals

  • Post-Acquisition Working Capital Adjustments
  • Breaches of Representations and Warranties related to Financial Reporting and Disclosures
  • Financial Reporting Fraud – Underlying Financial Statements
  • Earnouts and Related Financial Reporting
  • Private Equity Return on Investment Disputes

Other Complex Business Disputes

  • Lost Profits, including Business Interruption
  • Shareholder Disputes

Industry Experience