CJ Connolly

Who We Help

CJ Connolly works with attorneys, corporate executives, board members, and government agencies on investigations and complex business disputes. Our clients range in size from small- to large-scale organizations. 


As key collaborators with attorneys on investigations and complex disputes, CJ Connolly:

  • Supports the legal team with accounting and financial reporting expertise & experience.
  • Works under privilege, if required
  • Assists with interviews, document reviews, strategy, analysis & reporting
  • Advises on the impact of various findings and strategic decisions


Working alongside in-house legal & compliance teams, and with boards and audit committees, CJ Connolly:

  • Provides credibility and independence to internal investigations
  • Facilitates communications between management and government and governance bodies, auditors, and other outside constituents
  • Serves as a resource, as required, to assist internal management to respond to independent investigations actions

Government Agencies

Serving as an objective third-party to federal, state, local government and law enforcement agencies, CJ Connolly:

  • Provides credibility and independence when reporting on internal investigations
  • Regularly presents status updates on findings and action steps taken by entities